The General Idea Behind The CRREA

Costa Rica - Rich Shores

Has so much to offer visitors


SO much more satisfying to live the dream in paradise


Living in a foreign country, seems like a dream for most.  It is made a reality by thousands of folks every year.   Long winters in a cold climate.  Aging and having the financial security to choose a new way of living. 

Cultural differnces between North and Central America are realized quickly as a sense of peace and family wash over.  Check out some of Costa Rica's history.  They abolished thier military and put the extra money into health care and education.  Priorities are given to our seniors in grocery stores, banks and many businesses.  

Costa Rica is made of of 7 provinces.  During this Adventure you will travel through 2. Puntarenus and San Jose.

Once you've decided to join us on an Amazing Costa Rica REAL Real Estate Adventure, you will be contacted by our Customer Care Coordinator.  They will send you a Customer Profile for you to complete.  We want your Adventure to be perfect and this way we will know all that we need to make it so.

Now, this is a real estate adventure, soooooo if you're not really interested in buying just let us know.  We expect that most of our guests will be, at least, interested and so we will ask a ton of questions AND  set you up with an agent.  The CCC will work with both the agents and the customers to be sure that everyone feels the love.

You will be picked up at the airport in a luxury van with beverages and snacks for you after your travel day.  Once you arrive at the hotel, you will be given a welcome package, time to settle in and meet your fellow travellers.

The next 7 days are packed full of viewing homes, taking in the scenery and maybe an adreneline tour, sunsets and sunrises that last a lifetime.  


Click on the contact me link at any time to start the ADVENURE!